Our Mission: Making Email Bounces Better for Everyone!

Our goal is to make email bounces better. We want email bounces to be understandable and helpful, making it clear what caused the email delivery issue and how to fix it. Betterbounces.net uses our Bounce IntelligenceTM technology to provide more insight into bounce emails.

Our Team

Our team loves email—we have all been living and breathing email for years, making it better along the way. All together we have founded 6 companies, have 20+ email patents, and have built anti-spam protection for commercial mailers.

Our next email project is the bounce email. Since it hasn’t been changed in about 30 years we figure it is about time.

Join Us!

Join us in making bounces better! There are lots of ways to be involved in our Community...

Help improve our error messaging in the Bounce Lookup—find an error that you have gotten before and comment on its helpfulness or make other suggestions.

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Other Stuff

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